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This is a YuGiOh Alternate Ending comic, and one of the biggest passion projects I've ever done. I've had this rumbling around in my head for almost a decade and getting it out was extremely cathartic.
If anyone would like a quick plot synopsis because you haven't seen YuGiOh then please feel free to ask! i hope you like it and please say nice things

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new introduction post 

Hello, my name is Mikael Adrian Tepes and welcome to sanguinem.

first and foremost, please read my bio.

my account is locked because i like being able to vet my account. feel free to follow if youre not an asshole or a tech bro

if you need something tagged, feel free to tell me ill be happy to accommodate you

i enjoy talking about video games, anime, and cartoons.
i play league, smash ult, apex, overwatch, and hearthstone, along with other single player games like pokemon, minecraft, and loz.
i also do art and cosplay. i do art commissions, you can check those out in my other pinned posts.

i am currently a chemistry major. i love talking about chemistry. i am also a sociology minor.

i discourse sometimes. i extremely rarely hold arguments against people unless youre like, a Known Asshole or bigot. if youre trying your best i will extremely rarely soft block or think lesser of you. shit happens.

you are allowed to flirt with me, and i may flirt back, but im demi and it probably doesnt mean anything so please dont get your hopes up, i just think flirting is a cute (but hollow) complimentary gesture

if you positive subpost about me and i dont see it please @ me ;w; seeing them makes me happy

you can call me: cute, handsome, pretty, hot (depends on context)
dont call me: sexy, or really anything lewd unless im being lewd and even then probably dont

Diamoric Achillean: diamoric is an add-on to another identity that says that my nonbinary identity factors heavily into how i experience attractions. Achillean means i am mlm, similar to sapphic.

yes i am a vampire, no thats not a joke or a bit. dont be weird about it.

ask me about vampire biology

if you find a twink vampire in any piece of media youre legally required to tell me about them

i need food tagged, please CW it. i have a food phobia.

do not call the various boys i relate to very heavily girls in my mentions. this includes but is not limited to: yugi muto, cloud strife, mikaela hyakuya, lio fotia, and sheik

if you cant caption your images, please tag me and i will happily do it for you

if you would ever like to ask me about any topic you feel like i would know about, you can 100% dm me. i know a bunch about HRT and various trans procedures, and prosthetics and stuff. so yea, dms always open

if you have any other questions please feel free to ask or dm me

Okay just info dumped some complete nonsense on my priv so it’s time for bed lol. Good night !! :chick_bed1:

ive never been to america, i dont really know what arbys does, but i will never not find it funny to talk about being in one

just remembering my friend in school who didn't watch Dragon Ball Z like I did who thought Goku's name was Dragon Ball Z

also its funny because officially atem was born around 1k BC but the dub decided to change it to 3k BC which DOES TECHNICALLY MAKE THE PYRAMIDS YOUNG

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the ygo dub intro says "long ago when the pyramids were still young" but atem was born when the pyramids were about 1.5k years old. does that qualify as young?

if i knew how to change my notif sound it would be the the entire dub opening of ygo

tristan is just one of the highest quality folks there are and im happy he's around. this is a tristan appreciation place

Yes I already made this joke but its funnier now that I have art

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