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i am loud and i hyperfixate very strongly on things. do not initiate a friendship with me if youre just going to sever it when you find me mildly annoying

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i don't say this often but the math dorks on youtube are a different breed. its like hours of free math related content just because they love math so much

Magnus archives 

The stranger was kind of the main part of season 3 so I get why they didn’t have a huge part later on but no one from the stranger ever really goes on about why they like the stranger

My favourite video game character is Snake. Not Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Snake. From Snake.

Magnus spoilers 

Like Jon’s whole Thing is kind of what I’m talking about but that’s not really very Stranger inclined at all.

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Magnus spoilers 

The Magnus archives is some of the greatest media I’ve ever consumed and Jon’s transformation is everything to me, but I wish more stranger episodes were about My brand of stranger. Legitimately feels like a missed opportunity

I just want a tired antichrist boyfriend is that too much to ask

the british archives 

me: the web is like the 4d chess guys i guess
me now: no fucking way

@Aleums @FirstProgenitor remember, OSHA compliance is the duty of the employer, not the employee, and I'm gonna figure out who the Dom is here and make sure they're filling out the paperwork correctly.

Leaving the graveyard because it’s getting pretty dark. Found a headstone that said someone was killed so I googled it and found a really neat photocopy of a document from the 1800 detailing how he died


gotta keep the little guy in my screen alive by tapping the buttons that feed him (boosts and faves)

My love for you is simple it increases directly proportionally to how often you interact with me and feed me

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@FirstProgenitor i enter and leave the pit via a water propulsion jetpack. this is also how water is supplied to the girlfriends

@FirstProgenitor it's a perfect circle 50 feet in diameter and 20 feet deep. the walls are flat carved granite, polished to a shine. once you're thrown in the pit you cannot escape. in the center there is a single bed that can fit up to five people at once. meals are thrown down three times a day, and snacks twice.

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