Block Rec, bunch of slurs 

Idk if anyone’s made this post yet, but it appears like this fucking clown is going around to different instances with open regs and regurgitating bile and the getting mad about being suspended. Keep an eye out for any more alts they make and close your registrations if you haven’t already

re: Block Rec, bunch of slurs 

@FirstProgenitor omfggggg that asking to gargon hahahahah

@FirstProgenitor this is a good warning and also a fucking hilarious story in two pictures

their handle in text form, re: Block Rec, bunch of slurs 

@FirstProgenitor PonyPanda at and and presumably other instances

ironic that they describe themselves as "friendly" and then post like that

Block Rec, bunch of slurs 

@FirstProgenitor why people gotta be like this

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