i complained about this when i was setting up my new instance but before i started following people on here i had to spend 2 hours individually inputting 160 instance blocks because theres no inport/export feature in the moderation interface for instance blocks

@FirstProgenitor this is why i just play whack-a-mole with shitty instances. blocking all of them one by one is so tedious and inefficient. its like its designed to be shitty

@FirstProgenitor edit profile -> moderation -> federation -> add new instance block. like damn ok misskey is both better and worse because the server block list is just a text box with a domain on each line, so you can paste it in, but it's also just a text box with a domain on each line, so it's kind of a pain to see if you already blocked it

@FirstProgenitor it is a big hassle, but at least once it’s done it’s done!

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