I don't know where to look so I guess I'll just public it -
Where did @Lady@iam.lydi.as and the entire Lesbian Pile discord server go? They were just there, like, yesterday. Now her mastodon and the website it was on are gone, I'm no longer on the discord if it still exists, and her Fortnite account even seems to have vanished. I assume it's not just a block thing since even her website's gone.
Let me know if you know anything. Boost if you feel comfortable I guess. Kinda worried.

@V im trying to find the post but i remember hearing that name recently and it might have been discourse related

@FirstProgenitor Thanks so much for looking. I guess it would make sense if it's Discourse™ related considering it's such a thorough razing.

@V yea, i must not have liked the post i saw, its not coming up and i tried several different searches. you can try asking around tho im sure someone knows.

@FirstProgenitor Thanks for pointing me in the right direction 😸
Also, huh, apparently I somehow wasn't following you, which is the bigger surprise of the day tbh. I must have missed you on an instance change or something? Rectified.


@V oh yea my instance exploded like a month ago so i had to start up a new instance

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