anyway this was the topology meme that cursed me i have no fucking idea what this means


@FirstProgenitor topology is the study of holes, which is ironic - you'd think that'd be the bottomologist's job

@FirstProgenitor it's actually wrong, the pants should look exactly like the shirt

@FirstProgenitor actually no, a shirt has four holes

pants have three

i'm not sure how they're counting but it looks wrong to me :blobcattilt:

@00dani @FirstProgenitor if u extend the bottom hole of a shirt and make it the outside it works, think of like a long circle skirt with two extra holes

Same with pants but the reverse you can bring the main opening down and bunch up the legs to make that shape

@00dani @FirstProgenitor nah, it's right, its just hard to visualize

imagine taking the outer circumference of the pants and stretching it up and down

@00dani @FirstProgenitor doesn't a shirt have only 2, unless you count the button holes?

@patterfloof @FirstProgenitor i was wrong before, but a shirt actually does have three holes, not two: one for your head and one for each pawb

@00dani @FirstProgenitor but the head hole only exists when it's fastened, that also gives you a waist hole :)

@patterfloof @FirstProgenitor there's a head hole, two pawb holes, and the other end of all three holes is shared

imagine turning a garbage bag, which topologically has zero holes, into a shirt. you'd need to punch exactly three holes into it

@moiety @FirstProgenitor yeah, pants have three holes in them and shirts have four

socks and cup of coffee are correct though

@00dani @moiety @FirstProgenitor ... But if you shorten the legs of the pants, they will come to resemble the two-hole donut shown.

Same if you shorten the length of the shirt, it eventually collapses into a three-hole donut.

@00dani Okay, cool, just wanted to make sure I was understanding it right. |3

@moiety @00dani i think it's like

pants: the big shared end -> 2 leg ends

shirt: the big shared end -> 2 arm ends and head end

(cleavage window not included)

@jhulten @carcinopithecus @moiety a coffee cup is a torus because it has a handle

socks don't usually have handles :blobcatblep:

@00dani @jhulten @moiety i have this most cursëd mental image right now of a coffee mug that's topologically identical to a regular one but the hole is the mug rather than the handle

@FirstProgenitor I know what it means but idk if I should share this cursed information

@velexiraptor @FirstProgenitor my issue was the coffee actually but I think they mean the handle on the mug

@moiety No, the picture is right: topologically, a (normal) shirt has three holes.

Consider how many holes does a straw have: it may look like 2… but it's really just one: a straw is (topologically) just a very long donut ☺️

@FirstProgenitor the fucked up thing is you dont even drink out of the coffee cup hole

@FirstProgenitor love how the cup of coffee only has a hole in it because of the handle

@dragon @FirstProgenitor there is zero(0) difference between a mug and a donut.

@00dani @FirstProgenitor yes, we’re just transplaining it to you Mika, it comes from a good place :fuchsia:

@FirstProgenitor everything i learned about topology i learned through memes and that's way better than any explanation

@hoppet @FirstProgenitor
Wait till you are subjected to the actual math, you'll wish you never heard the word

@FirstProgenitor I absolutely adore this "shut up everyone!" cri de coeur.

@FirstProgenitor don't listen to the fools in your mentions. a shirt is three holes and pants are two. this meme is correct.

@FirstProgenitor this is correct and I hate that I understand why, math is a special brainrot

@FirstProgenitor why are so many ppl saying any of these are wrong they r literally all right

beverage mention 

the hole for a coffee cup is the handle, since the part that holds coffee doesn't go all the way through

pants have two holes, one per leg, and are joined at the crotch

shirts have holes for head and arms

socks do not have a hole that goes all the way through, so they would be hole-less discs

beverage mention 

@Sorl @FirstProgenitor but what if someone has a hole in their sock?

@FirstProgenitor i stared at this for some time and figured out why each one has the corresponding level of holes and felt powerfully liked id just finished a puzzle level of a video game

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