i used to kin dave and my best friend kins ryo so we need a *checks notes* Char Aznabel kinnie to complete this triad

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@FirstProgenitor I've seen some cold-reads on Char Aznabel. But "He's just Dave Strider" is now one of my favourites.

devilman crybaby spoilers 

@FirstProgenitor Dave Strider confirmed for satan.


@systemroot dont you date utter the name crybaby in these here mentions. in this house we stan original devilman

@FirstProgenitor Oh, I thought that toot had two chars and a dave whoops


@FirstProgenitor Char Aznable? Where? That's clearly Quattro Bajina.

@kara @FirstProgenitor lol, yeah. i see a war criminal, dave strider who as far as i know didn't commit war crimes but i did stop reading that comic, and then an unknown to me, possibly a war criminal

devilman spoilers 

@whiskers @FirstProgenitor oh it's ryo aka satan from devilman, the ultimate war criminal

i guess we can conclude from this that dave will be a war criminal

re: devilman spoilers 

@whiskers @FirstProgenitor i didn't recognize him at first because i only saw devilman crybaby lol

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