@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @FirstProgenitor Warrior of Light, winner of the "Most Haunted Individual" 6 years running.

@swiff @RussellsBarbershopQuartet @FirstProgenitor the really funny thing is comparing this to the swtor sith inquisitor storyline

where it is also "oops! too many ghosts in my head!"

except i think the sith inquisitor is even looking over at the warrior of light all "damn bitch you live like this???"

@FirstProgenitor [whispers] fading the 2 silhouettes in would also be a dope animation

@FirstProgenitor also you could very easily resize the silhouettes to stack in a sort of matryoshka doll effect and then alternate the layers in a monochrome spectrum for another dope trippy effect, if u know what i mean

@FirstProgenitor make like image, layer, alternate colors between dark and light blue

@FirstProgenitor (also, just realized I hadn’t actually said this before, but: mika this fucking whips)

@FirstProgenitor i’m impressed with how much emotion is in this art even without a face on the character

@FirstProgenitor hey just wanted to say i shared this art with a friend of mine while we were talking about dark knights and she says it's really good

@FirstProgenitor np, i think this is one of my favorite pieces by you i have it bookmarked XD

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