Congrats to twitter for adding a paid model, one feature of which is just the delete and redraft button

@FirstProgenitor lmao are bookmarks what I see there? twitter is paywalling bookmarks?

@FirstProgenitor holy shit, that's even richer... especially with facebook having had that for a DECADE

@FirstProgenitor @req this is a sign of a website in imminent decline, right? like. on the one hand, no one would pay for this shit, on the other hand, twitters primary demographic is the exact one that would pay for this shit

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @req i watched a video a few weeks ago about how twitter is no longer growing. It’s not losing users, but it’s not gaining anymore either. So everything they’re doing is a desperate attempt to keep the users they do have engaged

@FirstProgenitor not to mention that the other feature of their subscription model is a plaintext readable mode 🙄​

@FirstProgenitor as i understand the feature, it's not even delete and redraft, it's a posting timer

@FirstProgenitor Also, the paid subscription doesn't remove ads. You pay, but you still get to see ads lol

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