The reason I think that saying someone has mental health is so funny is because it’s like. An empty statement. Everyone has mental health. you either have good mental health or bad mental health. But the word mental health has gained Connotations which makes it even funnier

I could make this deeper and go on about how neutrotypical people have done irreparable damage to the language we use to talk about mental health such that even the word mental health implies something is wrong because you know. “Normal people don’t have any mental health” or “mental health is the thing depressed people have to worry about” and so memeing on that is a way of poking fun at how this language has been irreparably warped. I mean maybe it was useless from the start, given how the whole self care mental health movement was never really.... for Us in the first place

@FirstProgenitor imagining telling someone "sorry i can't hang out today im having mental health"

@FirstProgenitor I enjoy it because it's like when Achewood characters talk about "coming from Circumstances"

nonsense for a joke 

@FirstProgenitor bro, dude, i've got that mental health you've been craving. i know it's been pretty bad lately but i got you. i paid good money for this mental health i got u covered bro.

@FirstProgenitor self care meaning shopping and treating yourself to a snack is the weirdest thing to me, cause it's such a neurotypical solution to an issue. I wish that worked for me lmao

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