Sometimes I wish I wasn’t cursed with “Dilbert guy” knowledge


If you don’t know about the Dilbert guy, don’t look into it. Only pain awaits you. You would not believe that someone who wrote such a boring and uninteresting comic could wreck such havoc

@FirstProgenitor His shitty little Stone Dilbert Tower on his property is my favorite trivia fact. 2/10 wizard tower, at best, lowered to 1/10 based on ownership.

@swiff @FirstProgenitor slime saturday but for various irl towers rated as wizard towers (don’t feel like you actually have to do this i just had the thought)

@swiff @FirstProgenitor sorry hold on I need to know everything about the Dilbert guy now

@bees @FirstProgenitor He's just the absolute grossest kind of libertarian and hates women *so* much. He's not even entertainingly heinous, he's just a shitbag of a person.

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