the hand wringing about crushing a bunch of fucking bitcoin machines going on in my mentions is making me sick lol if you dont daydream about destroying these things personally with a sledgehammer everyday then just block me

@goat @FirstProgenitor bookmarked this post before even boosting it. free seratonin

@goat @FirstProgenitor

friends of my extended family live in the area where this all happened; not only did the techbros nick the electricity they were causing power disturbances (which risk upsetting *3* countries as that bit of Malaysia (its a country in two halves) is an island shared with two other nations)

@goat @FirstProgenitor

more about it here; according to the electricity company, the dodgy wiring had already caused 3 building fires...

Malaysian feds didn't suddenly jump on the miners - evidence was gathered over a period of months and the mining rigs were only crushed after a Court case. Its not illegal to mine crypto in MY, but stealing electricity and tampering with distribution network cables definitely is!

@FirstProgenitor nooo! The GPUs!! Give them to me!!! But also, yeeeessss!!!!

@schratze @FirstProgenitor these are ASIC based machines dedicated for bitcoin mining

so just YESSSSS!!!

@eichkat3r @schratze @FirstProgenitor

they will recycle the metal and other stuff; the e-waste recycling centre is literally just a few km away from the Police HQ (all the people in Sarawak are concentrated in one bit, the rest is still mostly jungle and rainforest (so even more reason *not* to trash it!)

@eichkat3r @schratze @FirstProgenitor

I don't know how they even thought they wouldn't get caught; Malaysia is *hot* so the main large demand for electricity is airco and even that is only 1 * 16A socket in most buildings - each /single/ rig is like running an airco full tilt 24/7 but TNB (national electricity company) know how many houses there are in each area and what sort of power demand would be normal..

@schratze @FirstProgenitor Oh, there's no GPUs in there. Bitcoin mining is done with ASIC chips, designed specifically to mine Bitcoin. The only thing these devices are good for is calculating Bitcoin hashes very, very quickly and wasting tons of power all the while.

@holly @FirstProgenitor @schratze why do other butcoin miners have such high demand for GPUs then? Wouldn't processors do those calculations faster?

@Lar @FirstProgenitor @schratze The GPU demand is for mining Ethereum (and crypto that uses similar algorithms to it.) It uses a different algorithm that can't be put into an ASIC chip, with the intent to make it so you have to use a computer to calculate it.

@FirstProgenitor Yes, the curse of greed. The devices must be properly destroyed to break the curse. If you just send them away to be disassembled, they'll somehow end up wasting electricity 24/7 again.

@FirstProgenitor fuck I missed the livestream event?! Goddamn it I miss all the cool shit

@FirstProgenitor You mean they destroyed valuable computing equipment which availability has been compromised by the same cryptocurrency mining? I'm a staunch critic of cryptocurrencies in general but this is pure waste of high-tech equipment that most likely could have been repurposed.

@hypolite @FirstProgenitor no it whips actually most of this can't be repurposed for uses outside of crypto

@hypolite @FirstProgenitor @whalefall more than 5 years ago, yes. Then there was FPGA for mining and then... Don't knwo. Maybe they came to grafic cards again, maybe grafic cards made a jump in speed for the particular type of calculation?

@utzer @hypolite modern mining rigs are ASIC machines that are built solely for mining crypto and can't really be turned into something else

@hypolite bitcoin mining, specifically, is done with ASICs these days

@LogicalDash Thank you for the answer, even with no repurposing possibility I'm still not thrilled about the tech waste.

@hypolite These're Bitcoin mining rigs with ASIC chips whose one and only use is Bitcoin mining - the hardware in these are basically useless outside of mining, so crushing & recycling is a better choice than trying to reuse them.

@hypolite @starseeker hold on, you saying that these pieces of hardware can only be used to mine crypto?

@tio @hypolite yep, ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) rigs with soldered-on components that can't be reused, only really usable for the calculations needed to mine Bitcoin
Can't even mine the other shitcoins like Etherium et al, those're the ones that use GPUs

@hypolite @starseeker Ok after reading a bit it is true, which makes the above post even more telling: those pieces of hardware did not need to be destroyed, they were already destroyed when they made them specifically to mine bitcoin. Such a waste....

@FirstProgenitor wow that improved my mood significantly. Thank you!


@FirstProgenitor Would it not have been feasible to use these for some other blockchain purpose?

@FirstProgenitor thanks for reminding me about the post i forgot to boost it this morning :P

@FirstProgenitor i'm a tech nerd, and to me the only sad thing about the image is that i probably won't ever be in a position where i could steamroll 1,069 piles of bitcoin-mining ASIC chips like this

@FirstProgenitor I was a bit worried like "man that's a lot of gpus crushed during a gpu stock shortage" but then I looked into it and it's not that at all.

@FirstProgenitor I'm going to print and place this photo on my nightstand. I will kiss it good night every night before going to sleep.

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