The Babylon Bee is funny because someone was like “what if the Onion was really racist” and a bunch of white Christian moms and their kids named Elijah went absolutely wild

The Babylon Bee: Michael Brown deserved it

Christians: now this is the kind of good witty Christian humor we’ve been asking for

Like I can’t imagine a better example of “telling on yourself” than celebrating explicitly “Christian” humor that is just overtly racist half the time. A genuinely disgusting publication.

@Counsel I never saw anything from them worth remembering at all so now that I know all this, I'm starting to understand why I've never had even the slightest interest. I recall seeing it when a bunch of Onion knock-offs started coming out one after the other and hearing about it now... just, ugh

@Colophonscrawl @Counsel they also fucking love Elon musk. They have made several articles about how cool musk is. And when the onion made fun of him he made a tweet specifically endorsing Babylon bee. Weird shit

I saw this before but I assumed it was some random bootlicker reply guy, but it's musk himself? omfg that's so pathetic

@LaComtesseRouge @Counsel @FirstProgenitor the man holds two-hour company meetings about how funny South Park and Family Guy are. I cite this fact nearly every time I bring him up, first because it's true and second because it gives a good insight into how Elon's "genius" mind operates: South Park funny, Family Guy funny, engineers bad, firing people good. It's not complicated.

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