@FirstProgenitor i remember times i was told not to play on the grass as a kid and like….. it made absolutely no sense to me and tbh still doesn’t

@FirstProgenitor let the grass do what it will also don’t water it and if it dies well you shouldn’t have put grass there

@hoppet @FirstProgenitor it's especially bullshit given most parts of the world there's ground covering plants that are any/all of
- actually pretty
- soft to walk / lie on
- capable of withstanding being walked on

@swift @hoppet @FirstProgenitor It's especially bullshit because it all started with rich English people sending their servants out with scissors to manicure an ungodly amount of land while — WHO CAN EVEN AFFORD TO WASTE SUCH AMOUNTS OF LAND, and the USA elite said, "Ooh, ooh — look at me! Look at me! I can lawn like the British!"

@FirstProgenitor my dad was complaining about a weedkiller ban meaning that plants were overgrowing and shooting up between the concrete and in parking lots etc, and my quiet grandpa piped up like "that is WONDERFUL" & they just moved and have all these plans to turn their lawn into a wildflower meadow :')) its extremely wholesome & i love them a lot

@FirstProgenitor I lowkey want to make it my mission to walk on every lawn

Especially ones where it's explicitly forbidden

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