Kind of want this painting because I'm really into art that looks haunted

I think I found a film soundtrack for a shitty 90s movies about polyamory?????

Help me figure out why someone framed this newspaper from September 23rd 2002

Total haul from the thrift store:
-that ancient metal lamp
-that haunted painting
-3 of these tiny lanterns that you put tiny candles in

@FirstProgenitor There's a little golf seal in the bottom corner of the frame it looks like, so I think it was framed by the golf organization featured in the article on the right.

@FirstProgenitor I've seen a lot of businesses hang up news articles they're featured in on the wall of their business, so I'm guessing they probably did something like that and then eventually when they left the building they were in someone was cleaning it out and donated a bunch of stuff to get rid of it.

@FirstProgenitor It's got the logo of the golf tournament in the lower right of the matting, which makes me think the organizers of the tournament framed it as a memorial. (It was the tournament's 13th year. The last iteration I can find anything about easily was the 30th in 2009...)

@FirstProgenitor Somebody's clueless relative gave them a framed copy of the USA Today that came out on their birthday, which was weird because they were 15 at the time and were hoping for some cash

@FirstProgenitor It's very you, in my imagination. Goes with the decor in your massive gothic Addams-Family vampire house.

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