ive been doing a lot of thinking recently about how there seem to be just as many reactionaries in my generation as the ones before. but how i would often see people say that we "wont turn out like our parents" how we "wont continue cycles of abuse" etc etc etc but every fucking day i see posts like "not to be a boomer but [some boomer shit]" and people my age constantly falling for misinformation and how easily they are called to action under the pretenses of misinformation, and every day it feels like we were told we were better just by being aware that our parents sucked, so we never actually put any effort into learning HOW to be better, just assuming our parents were too stupid or ignorant, and how we have been lulled into some false sense of security, and now we have young adult queer people spouting regan era homophobia


Being "better" is work. It's mindfulness, it's asking yourself why you think and do the things you do, and how they're helpful to yourself and the people you love. It's not just assuming that it's correct because you think it, and you're a good, smart person so how can you be wrong? That's the mentality that will doom us

@FirstProgenitor Having given this some thought, it occurs to me that the dark money interests may well be targeting younger people deliberately in order to avoid an electoral shift to the left...hrmph

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