Fedi bullshit is always like
[man does annoying/I'll advised thing]
Person 1: man sucks
Person 2: man sucks
Person 3: man sucks
Person 4: ligma
Persona 5: i don’t know if we need this many posts about how much this man sucks
Person 6: subtoot of persona 5
Person 7: man sucks
Person 8: man sucks
Person 9 subtoot of person 3

3 months later
Person 10: remember when persona 5 made a post about how we shouldn't make posts about how man sucks
Person 11: did man suck again
Person 12: no I don't think so I think people are just talking about how he sucked

@FirstProgenitor im reading this like man is just that way exhausted people say 'aw man'

like MAAAAN, sucks.

@FirstProgenitor person 13: Who's man? What'de they do? I had no idea. Ill block man.

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