Holy shit holy shit holy shit
It comes with instructions but I'm kind of tempted to try putting it together without them

@FirstProgenitor well yeah, if you use the instructions you won't get the pharaoh that's just cheating otherwise

@FirstProgenitor you do. and not one of the usual jewelry designs, big giant steel links only.

@FirstProgenitor earnest advice: go to home depot to buy chain, or other similar warehouse style project stores. You can buy it by the foot, and it's gonna be loads cheaper than ordering it from, like, amazon.

@FirstProgenitor same location as you get the chain will almost certainly sell something like a threaded chain connector, just make sure it's big enough to fit through two chainlinks as well as the loop of your puzzle

@FirstProgenitor or, alternatively, have the threaded connector be the part that goes up back behind your neck, while the chain itself just goes thru the puzzle's loop, which appears to be how Yugi does it

cursed 3d model 

@FirstProgenitor also while looking for reference images to double check, i found this Utterly Cursed second life avatar, please enjoy

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