You can tell this poll is horse shit because no self respecting ygo fan would put Marik in the same slot as yami Marik


Pegasus is a good villain because he's the only one who's like, comically evil. He's Disney villain tier evil. He has a sad back story but it isn't super deep, and doesn't really get in the way of his manic pixie evil man energy very much.

However Yami Marik is also comically evil, but in a much more deep and fleshed out way. Where as Pegasus was just kind of pathetically sad and lonely, Yami Marik is vicious and angry. He is the embodiment of hatred, a black hole where Marik has thrown all his positive emotions to be sucked in by. Destroying Yami Marik isn't just destroying a bad guy, it's Marik learning to move on, to let go. It's really powerful stuff. But you know. Marik is an actual person and os evil in different ways than Yami Marik, and also has an arc where as Yami Marik was static, which was also kind of the point

@FirstProgenitor I feel like the first season of YGO Duelist is like... very on the nose in a way that the later series isn't. Everyone states their intentions and why they are doing something almost every episode, and it makes the show seem a little more simple and basic. For example, jonouchi always being like "I'm fightin for my sistah, she's sick and goin' blind, badabing" in the english dub literally every time he talks. So pegasus fits that a lot better than he would the seriousness of the topics of Duel City

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