I dont remember where I read it but someone asked a loz writer whether Linkle would ever appear in a mainline Zelda game and they said "probably not, because that would then imply that link is strictly male"

@FirstProgenitor why do they have to say "long before the idea of non-binary representation was ever on the public consciousness" though. why do they have to do an erasure

first botw spoiler (but i mean everyone knows about this part by now) 

@FirstProgenitor link has given us so much, and then she turns out to be a femboy icon (and has a whole egg arc, where they obviously are Loving it)

@FirstProgenitor First, I recommend the work of Prof. Kathryn Hemmann (they/them) on queerness in Zelda: scholar.google.com/citations?u
Second, but what about horny-on-main fuckboi Link in the 80s cartoon? What does this do to the four people who remember THAT fondly?

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