I went to apple bapple with sam yesterday and I wear to got the mozzarella sticks they gave us didn't taste like mozzarella. I'm like 70% sure they gave us white cheddar sticks. The cheese didn't even stretch

1. how dare they, people keep forgotting what cheese is for what. Like how my grocery store brand changed their "Chicken Swiss" to "Chicken Mozarella" using the shittiest frozen mozza I've ever seen.

2. Apple Bapple sounds like a made-up name

@FirstProgenitor the other day i had mozzarella sticks from Sonic that didn't stretch much either and were okay but not great
and someone i was with had onion rings and only got one onion ring and he gave it to me and it tasted like it had been in the same fryer with something sweet, probably their cinnamon thingies, it was terrible
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