You know I didn't appreciate enough initially how pretty this page of mika is

Like the male version of this I feel like extenuates my shoulders and chest which I actually really like! It's a good style! and they didn't even make the hole in the back smaller!

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That new healer top I got does have slight gender differences but I honestly kind of like them... the female version has a more V chest line where as the male version is just sleeveless. But both have that really pretty cut out on the back, and I personally prefer shirts cut like the male one is. I don't mind the slight tweaks to design that don't make me feel like they were made to cover up men more, but instead just a style choice

Here's a video of me petting Ren's cat Jinx. He's very skittish, but for whatever reason he adores me and flopped over for me to rub him. I left the volume on just so you can hear him purring if you wanna turn it up

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