if I made mastodon the logo would be done in ms paint and the post button would say FART

i want eugen to fling darts at a chart and make decisions based on that

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i want mastodon to be the ugliest website on the internet. i want every instance to be a pit of design sins

from what im gathering from context clues is that the purple blur is now the official mastodon logo

[at mastocon] "you're saying these balls have been pit" i say, covered in piss

@Thomas mastocon! Every surface is covered in a mixture of soda and hair spray and vape juice and piss and body juice and melted candy and slime girl slime and

OUR truck stop social media website will be different

please leave eugen be he needs to work on implementing fedicoin

eugen man eugen man
does whatever a eugen can
makes a web, no advertise,
hates rich text, pull request dies
look out! here comes the eugen man

my genuine take is that it's silly for an open source nominally community-led project to be hiring designers. do you want to be a community or a corporation? you can't have it both ways

i hear eugen's making the avatars circles next

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