@FirstProgenitor there's a meme i saw years ago that i've never been able to find where the audio is spliced like "just got this new, uh, scuttlebug here. fun to raise it around hazy maze cave"

not mentioned in the buzzfeed raspberry pi article :/

@FirstProgenitor I have faith in supergiant to make Hades 2 as universally horny as the original.

I will never ever ever get over how Lamborghini grifter just got 7 bookshelves installed in his garage, probably explicitly for that video

RPi meta 

The statements to Buzzfeed from RPi are significantly more damning than the fedi behavior imo.

Describing this as a "culture war", making the baseless (and false) claim it was organized and not organic outrage, claiming the cop is good for perpetuating the war on drugs, throwing shade at CWs...

It feels very much like an attitude we've all already seen from the right.



hot take but zag's man titties just weren't juicy enough

@FirstProgenitor@sanguinem.space I have a feeling there will be significant man titties this time too but still - condolences lol

How can I play Hades 2 if I'm not staring at man titties the whole time? Unplayable

Mika, absolute king of typing messages and then being too scared to hit send and then forgetting

@cyberpunkboytoy also I do have ref sheets for all of Mika's outfits i hand drew myself so if you need those I can send them to you LOL

@FirstProgenitor tell me why when I start searching "Mika owa--" into a search bar the first autocomplete result is "Mika Owari no Seraph mbti"

@cyberpunkboytoy ooo! Well it depends on a lot, like what kind of drawing you'd like. Like a painting or a flat or a full body or an icon or something. But as far as me, I usually like getting art of mika or of my ffxiv character qwq

finally had enough time to finish this!

based on some official art of Joker and Crow. i thought the color pallet was so striking it would be fun to recreate it, and i was right!

@cyberpunkboytoy hey I don't mind! I work a lot anyway. I think I've finished like 3 or 4 paintings in this whole year lol

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