You're right blizzard the only thing stopping me from playing your shitty game was the fact there was no trans character in it


tired stereotype about men communicating: all guys talk superficially, grunt, and never acknowledge feelings.

bold new stereotype about men communicating: all guys adhere to the LIFO inventory management approach for responding to digital communication.

Thinking about one time my sister sent me a message and then the next day sent me a second message and I responded to the second one and she was like "why do you do that. All men do that"

the thing about bad zelda games (cough Skyward Sword) is that they're not bad because they're rushed, they're bad because the development team decided to put their whole pussy into a horrible idea (what if when you swung your sword link also swung his sword whooooaaa) and i at least respect that

when I was in burger king yesterday I looked at the children's meal toys they had and one of them was a dr. eggman fidget spinner

Gamers (derogatory) are always the angriest about what will turn out to be the most beloved parts of any new Zelda game. I remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth over cell shading in Wind Waker, and that turned out to be best thing for Zelda graphics going forward.

funnily enough, the one time a sequel wasn't very similar to its predecessor in the LoZ series was The Legend of Zelda > Zelda 2: Adventure of Link

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