@luna honestly the last one but I can’t begrudge them too much because I see where they’re coming from

I have been told I look like
-my dad, once
-my sister, but only before we were 15
-namine from kingdom hearts
-that kid from the ff16 trailer who looks like a 6 year old Victorian noble who’s going to die of dysentery

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@luna no one ever tells me I look like my mom. I think someone told me I look like my dad like. 2 years ago at a wedding shower

“what are some celebrities other people tell you you look like” i have no fucking clue no one has ever said this to me

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No one ever tells me I look like anyone else. Like is this a common thing that happens to other people

list of things babies in ffxiv can do:

drive a car
carry a big sword
shoot people with a gun

re: the british archives 

@EmptyLullaby honestly, by the time that I got like halfway through the show most of the stories stopped creeping me out, but I was so invested in the characters, I liked the style of the stories so much, and I just liked hearing Jon’s voice so much that I had no reason to stop listening haha

re: the british archives 

your first mistake was agreeing to go hunting with an american

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League of legends is homophobic because I’m laying on the couch and I want a hug but sam is too busy Gaeming

God I love human looking creatures with eyes that glow an unnatural color and have slit pupils. It’s so good. Not done enough

I love the internet because it’s so disconnected from any social consequences you can just be friends with someone for years and then ghost them whenever you feel like it and you don’t have to care. This is very healthy for all people involved

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Another day another mutual I check and see they unfollowed me but didn’t softblock

femboys in the mind: submissive and breedable

femboys in reality: rabid and strangely catholic

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