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Okay, so we're all familiar with BABYMETAL, the band who dared to ask "What if we put distorted guitars in jpop?" and separated the wheat from the chaff in the world of metal

But there is also NECRONOMIDOL, who say what BABYMETAL was doing and said "What if we did the inverse of that and put jpop over distorted guitars?"

The line between me posting “I’m die” and “I’m baby” is exceedingly thin

Little icing on the cake was my computer crashing and me losing like a half out of work on my painting

Overall today has been an especially weird and bad day so I would appreciate it if tomorrow was better

I am not an account I am a person!!! I am a person and depending I might be your friend!!! I consider a lot of people on here to be friends!! Thinking that people view me as an account that makes content makes me extremely uncomfortable!

Like it really like feeds into my anxiety of how people don’t view ME as ME but instead apart of the Fedi Conglomerate and I HATE that. I wish people saw me as who I am, a person who just posts

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I hate it when people leave fedi and I have to read dozens of Twitter threads about how it’s overrun with assholes

And I remember when I first joined this place a lot of people used to talk about how fedi can really be anything that you make of it, you can block whoever you want and mute whoever you want, and there is so many people here and it’s not just my friend group or your friend group

and so when someone gets mad at a certain subsection of fedi (which is usually like 10 people max) they could just delete their account and make a new one somewhere else and block all the people they don’t like and have a merry time, but for whatever reason they don’t do that and instead they just leave, never come back, and then paint literally everyone on here with the same brush stroke as if were a hive mind in capable of free thought and it just always rubs me the wrong way

how do you do, fellow girlbosses? everyone's leaning in, i trust?

I think the only del toro movie I’ve seen was the shape of water

It only saves pallet colors when you close the program properly but it should really save every time you save your art

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I think probably the most irritating thing about paint tool sai is that if it crashes it doesn’t save your pallet colors

i remember Some One (dont quite remember who) told me once owl city sucked and i havent trusted the same since

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