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Sure ons is a lot like SNK it’s got
-child soldiers
-mass genocide

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Half my twitter tl is ons fandom trying to recruit the SNK fandom and it makes me want to die

Mikas birthday is in 3 weeks and I am not prepared in the slightest

watching star trek and these mfers just did carbon dating on metal lmao. that's not what that fucking means!!!

joseph anderston. release ur fucking witcher 3 video. it has been SEVEN MONTHS

You, attempting to burglarize my supposedly opulent tomb, finding mostly just a lot of screenshots of posts mentioning me: huh

Many have said "there's no team in femboy" but this is, I believe, a matter first of specifying which femboy and second, defining what team means in a given situation

i wanna commission a avatar for my instance. anyone have any ideas

also i get weirded out whenever someone assumes skinny=bottom big=top

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real tops don't have to assure everyone else they're tops

i think top/bottom discourse is pretty much astrology

i think id be insufferable if i were a bottom

going debate nerd mode on anyone implying im a bottom

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