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This gif is titled β€œYugi turns into Yami” and I’m just like . Thats not really how that works

I don’t know why I know so much about vampires genuinely before 2016 I didn’t give a flying fuck about vampires

Atem and Jonouchi are the only fucking characters in Yugioh who think Yugi is capable of anything

And before Mika replys, yes he waters crops every day im being hyperbolic


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How Playing Stardew with Mika and Sam is going;

Me: Hey guys can you help water crops?

Mika: No I'm waiting outside Sebastian's house

Sam: No I'm in the mines already

they call 69 the sex number because no one has yet survived doing it 70 times

@FirstProgenitor also im not surprised at all youre wearing the skeleton shirt

@FirstProgenitor you know now that youve mentioned it im never going to be able to un-know this

Delta: is Mika okay

Melissa: no yea he’s just like this

Delta: yea I’m starting to get that

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