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Fray was really like aren’t you tired of being nice?? Don’t you just want to go apeshit?

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me, describing a character in ffxiv: oh I love her, she's for the lesbians

me when that character gets fucking fridged: which part of describing her as "for the lesbians" made you think she wouldn't die horribly

How come all the other Mikas get to go hog wild and I’m stuck here, forced to have a β€œnormal one”

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One day I’m gonna need to go ape shit just for a little while

did Eugen hardcode out the ability to input the πŸ₯Ί emoji because he didn't wanna see people using Mastodon to simp? normally I don't like it when he does that but that's pretty funny

who's the most cursed persona in the nega verse so far

@goat a miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk! Have at you!

ok I've held off asking for a long time but I really need to know: what did "terran horribleness" mean

I am seriously not exaggerating when I say this happens literally every time. No one knows what’s going on. Everyone is confused. Kagami is literally mocking us for wanting to understand what’s going on

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Kagami once again got extremely close to explaining literally anything that was going on but then purposely stopped the character from explaining what was going on

The normies have a new meme called β€œface vs personality” where they post a selfie and then a pic of a character they think represents their personality and ONCE AGAIN I am ASKING how many TIMES the normies are gonna REINVENT KINNING

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