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“Microlabels are harmful” people are like 2 inches away from becoming anti-“idpol”

personally i really dislike the differences in the way people talk about sexuality vs gender when to me they are much more similar than they are different

@FirstProgenitor I had to do a quick double take because Mika + Headphones looks like Neku

Mika's post about the dog fucking game have inspired a most rancid post in my mind that I am not sure if I should post

Doing ons rewrite is hard because I want the primary antagonist to be well motivated and have a clear goal but given the source material and the nature of him it’s hard to think of anything other than “killing all the humans”

aoc you can't just wear a "tax the rich" dress and pretend it means anything when you're partying at the most vapid event possible in the middle of a global pandemic with these kinds of people-

hey wait who's that in the background

"taking the hobbits to isengard" is a euphamism for what:

@FirstProgenitor I love talking about this CG. Primarily how uncomfortable of a position it looks. Headphone pressed into the pillow, studded belt on in bed....bro??

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