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We now have fedi avatars for spiral, stranger, hunt, end, and flesh

honestly i really want this fucking title but i am actively holding myself back not letting myself run 26 more omega raids today lol

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isekai where the mc wakes up and doesnt realize they're just in france

Like why bring up trans men at all bdjdjdjsns do you think he studied exclusively closeted trans men or something

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“Freud was a dumbass and was wrong about everything like he said Females have penis envy and of course that’s ridiculous I mean I guess trans men get that bu-“

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I genuinely think it’s hilarious how people feel the need to sidestep trans men when talking about Freud

I translated the Emet-selch simps search info because I hate myself and she says she “want to sleep with uncle Emet” and I want to die

"hmpf. how very glib. And do you believe in the Piper, Mahrtin?"

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The Venn diagram of me doing a Gaius van Baelsar voice and me doing a Jonathan Sims voice is a perfect circle

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