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Sam just gripped my stomach and then said in a low voice “organs”

these remakes have a lot of attention to detail i wasnt expecting. like when you start trainer battles, the 3D models do the exact same pose those trainer's sprites did in the original. and then background blur at the beginning is a really pretty re-imagining of the original intro-battle blur. and the poketch is basically exactly the same. they just upscaled all the pixel art, which i appreciate

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watching sam play the diamond and pearl remake and i actually am surprised at how much i like it. it feels nostalgic for the old game in a way i think that the R/S remakes werent

my name change hearing is on the 30th so i need Vibes for that too

thinking about becoming the kind of sex pervert that Loves american thanksgiving

new trend i am absolutely apeshit for is when they make the beads look like blood

i still dont get why people care about phantom of the opera

I can tell its american thanksgiving because everyone is miserable

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I love it when people make posts aimed at me and I inevitably miss them and then they wait till I’m online and then boost them, like trying to bait out a fish

is the phantom of the opera good? no. but does it slap my tits? yes

I say “I’m baby” because I am incredibly small and fragile and easily crushed

So my mother has a stockpile of like 10 crayon drawing of a clown balloon that I’ve made

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When I was growing up from the age of about 6 until I was like 15 or so, I would get up and watch the thanksgiving day parade with my mother and every year I would draw Clowny, the balloon of a giant clown

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