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Like I just don't understand how you can dedicate your life to music and not recognize when a sound like that is intentional or not

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:NotLikeThis: Imagine thinking the mix is bad on MCRs new song I'm gonna lose my mind

im very strong. im doing feats of strength with my big muscles. im impressing girls and certain types of man

People online really tell you "if you don't like everything your friends post/say you should just ghost them" and think this is real helpful advice

Me and Ren making out in his car talking about burning down joe [REDACTED]'s house

This podcast is talking about all the movies that came out in 2005, and they feel like they're from separate eras entirely

Star Wars Episode 3
Wallace & Gromit
Brokeback Mountain

@FirstProgenitor I have absolute confidence that your Prowess of Male Aesthetic would lead to incredible success in this endeavor

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