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the thatcher girl power meme but it's about makima

the ideal gender gives a cis person a nosebleed if they merely contemplate it

America has to convince its populace that the Great Leap Forward was bad because it proves that it is in fact possible for a government to do work on infrastructure, something we Just Cannot let the general populace expect or even want

Help people are drawing ship art of lahabrea and Gaius now

My gender is nonbinary transmasc but sometimes my gender flirts with other genders like "tomboy skater" and "Gerard way"

It's because my gender is so radioactive it melts other peoples. Sorry

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I will turn you gay and trans, and then make you realize you're autistic. Not necessarily in that order

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similarly i will also allow it if youre having sex with men who are women who are men who are women who are men who are women who are women who are men who aren't

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if you're not a boygirl girlboy femboy tomboy sissy butch lesbian that has sex with men then dont even talk to me

Okay this mika art has brought out some extreme emotions in me and I realize I should really draw something similar

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