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I literally have no idea what's happening in the shitshow until I ask goat when she wants dinner and she just looks at me like this

walking in on this after getting banned for sex on discord, wyd

not to be horny on main but when the last days come we shall see visions, more vivid than sunsets, brighter than stars, we will recognize each other, see ourselves for the first time the way we really are

im making "good dog" my new catchphrase. not as a sex thing

@FirstProgenitor love to mix a beaker of apple juice into a beaker of grape juice to see what kind of juice it creates

I think it's important to follow a few people where you never have any idea what the fuck they're talking about but it seems interesting

Chemistry stock images always have very colorful solutions but when you work in a lab 90% of what you work with is clear and boring looking

discovering never seen before levels of tired

@FirstProgenitor you've heard of "this is the minecraft of sex" now get ready for "gaming, the gay sex of mika"

I am supposed to be attending to duolingo but instead I must pretend sex is real

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