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So I'm kinda panicking a little bit because when I open the viz app it no longer shows chapters of ons??? It does on the website but not the app....

hello, im natasha, an underworld doctor. Are you feeling sick?

I hate having to go on a blocking spree on tumblr because someone makes a big hullabaloo about "transmisandry truthers"

imputing moral values to brands or corporations is itself participation in the spectacle

This kind of goes hand in hand with a rant I've been wanting to go on for a while. A lot of people have the wrong idea about what "Consumer culture" is. Consumer culture does not describe people thinking they can solve societal issues by "voting with their wallet" which is obviously nonsense. Consumer culture is the state of society in which everything about you and who you are is personified by what you consume. What you consume demonstrates your values, class, hobbies, personality, everything. What you don't consume says just as much about you as what you do. Everything is measured on a scale of consumption, and there is no escaping it. What you do for work, what you eat, what you do in your free time, how you do it, who you do it with, how much time you even have to do it. Protesting one product by buying another product instead. Choosing to buy a cheaper product because you don't believe in the more expensive stuff. Buying a product because it's better for the environment than another product. There are sparingly few ways that you can simply exist and not be constantly surrounded by this stuff

even him fucking with clinic patients — and textually he is correct about it being a waste of resources to have him do it — seems to me would be preferable to the regular-style experience of a doctor profiling you when you walk in, discarding anything you try to present them, and dismissing you having only made it harder for you to proceed towards a correct diagnosis or a working treatment

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